What’s a Vendor Blender?

Vendor Blenders are events that bring a “twist” on the common theme of holistic health fairs. We invite a wide variety of vendors-mostly holistic, but all backgrounds are totally welcome, as we all need each other at the end of the day, so we love having accountants and gardeners join us alongside massage therapists, Reiki healers, coaches and beyond.

Once we set a date and location, everyone is invited to bring their tables and marketing materials and set up like a normal holistic health fair venue. Here’s the twist! We set up one main table where folks are encouraged to drop off a gift certificate or product to “trade.” I bring in a handful of gift certificates to get the ball rolling, maybe a session with me for an Aromatouch session using essential oils, or a selection of essential oils and/or various types of additional products or services from other healers I partner with. The participant brings in their product or certificate for whatever value they choose ($25, $50, $100, $200, etc) and place it on the table.


They immediately are handed a “voucher” for that amount of credit that they can “shop” for from the items on the table. They can exchange it anytime during the event, but must cash it out by the end of the night.

Meanwhile, everyone is mingling and getting to know each other just like a regular fair. We then stop activity and go around the room, allowing each vendor two minutes to introduce themselves and describe their good/service and suggest folks go pick up their certiciate from the table.

Towards the end of the event, we raffle off any items donated and the vendor has a second chance to promote their good/service as they connect with the receiver of their raffle item. Any items leftover on the table that weren’t “swapped,” become my personal property and I simply scoop up and bring to the next event.

These events are always super fun and a great way to get to know community members and learn about additional modalities and connect with folks that have services and products that will support your own journey and perhaps those you are working with. As a holistic health coach, I refer my clients to a broad range of additional vendors so I’m always looking for new folks to connect with! As a network marketer leading a large team in the essential oil industry, I am also looking for entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to connect and build collaborative business, especially if our modalities overlap or provide synergistic value. So check out the calendar and plan to join us at our next event! We hold them monthly/quarterly depending on host opportunities.

 Upcoming Vendor Blender Events