I teach a wide variety of classes – everything from the Basic 101 class that focuses on safety, three ways to apply essential oils and how to match your personal issues with natural solutions…to delving deeper in to the emotional and spiritual aspects of essential oils through the Emotions, Chakras and beyond to take your knowledge to deeper levels.

I’m happy to lead classes on demand via Zoom or at local locations around Orange County, Ca.  I also travel supporting my doTERRA team in locations across the country.  Please reach out to me if you would like to learn more about essential oils and I will be happy to set something up!

In the meantime, I always like to make sure everyone knows about the plethora of resources available to anyone and everyone whether you have a doTERRA account or not! Simply go to www.doterra.com and click on the ADVOCATES tab.  This area of the website has a WIDE variety of resources that I invite you to explore and take full advantage of!

First click on “Discover Solutions” for a way to link up your personal issues with fabulous resources and protocols including videos walking you through the basics of what to reach for and how to use it.

Then explore “Empowered Living” to discover three years worth of archived videos from top leaders from doTERRA and scientists, physicians and other field experts offering background, guidance on protocols and practical tips for usage! Here you can find detailed information on everything from how to use with babies and children…for immune support or other systemic issues…how to use them for gardening…men…pets…you name it! If there’s not a video on that topic yet it is probably on the schedule! I like to listen to these on my iPad while I am washing the dishes, etc-so much to learn and I love learning from the experts and sharing these resources with others.

If you are wanting to use essential oils on a regular basis and potentially share with others, “Empowered Success” is the next stop for you! We think of our team members as “Users”, “Sharers” and “Builders”- whatever role you find yourself fitting in to is super! If you are a “User” we want to make sure you know how to access and maximize your account and know where to find the basic tools and resources to effectively use and reorder more items as needed – and we are ALL “Users” so click on the LIVE section to gain access to a variety of resources that will help you learn and move forward in your journey with oils!

If you want to “Share” then keep going and take good notes as you journey through that section!

If you want to “Build” a business then you will likely want and appreciate additional support and mentorship – that’s where I come in! I love helping people get started with their businesses! Such an amazing and beautiful way to create another stream of income or perhaps replace your current one. Let’s talk more!

Click away, and enjoy all of the wonderful resources available – with more added daily! Happy to sit down with you over coffee, with a group of your friends or on a Zoom call to get you rockin’ and rollin’ with your oils! Happy Oiling!