Enjoy a day with Sandy

“Self-Care” days are just what the name implies-it’s a few hours to focus on yourself experiencing and practicing tools and modalities to support Y-O-U in living your optimal life. We are all leading extraordinarily “busy” lives and simply need to stop, and take some time to take care of ourselves.

What’s your favorite form of self-care? Nightly baths with epsom salts? Meditating? Exercising? Eating well? Journaling? There are a gazillion different types of things we can do to give ourselves a few moments to tend to our selves to rejuvenate. If you want to take your knowledge a few levels deeper, then come join us!

Each month I offer workshops at Harmony HB healing movement studio where we gather and connect for a few hours of devoted time and energy towards healing. We follow a basic routine as follows:

• Introductions within the group and discussion of what basic self-care is
• Grounding breath work, often combining an essential oil to bring us in to a healing space
• Guided meditation, usually focusing on a specific emphasis such as release of an emotional issue, but could be a focus on relationships, finances, or perhaps simply overall health
• Journaling using a prompt
• New skill/modality to discover and maybe implement: here’s where it gets fun! Each month I bring in additional holistic healers from my community that share their insights and modalities with the group—we could be exploring basic self-care techniques from folks that have written books on the topic of self-care, or maybe we will explore some new ways to use our bodies, minds and/or tap into our spirit to help us re-find our center and allow an aspect of ourselves to heal.

Daily life is exhausting! We all need some tools and strategies to find what works for us as individuals to implement in to our daily lives.
Every month while we follow the same basic framework, but it is always a completely different experience based upon who attends and leads the different elements with me.

Are you a holistic practitioner that would like to share your unique modality? I would love to partner with you in sharing your insights! I love exploring new information and techniques to share.

I have to schedule self-care on my calendar or it doesn’t happen! So join me at this monthly event and take some time for yourself to rejuvenate and connect with my tribe. You’ll be glad you came.

To RSVP, click on the event listing below for full details below and the Eventbrite link to RSVP for early bird pricing or simply show up and pull up a chair and we’ll fold you right in.

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