I’m a holistic health coach in Orange County, CA.  After many years of working with private clients and group coaching programs, I fell in love with essential oils and launched a network marketing business teaching folks about oils and how to implement them in to their daily lives.  I still work with a handful of clients, but the reality is I usually do one or two sessions with folks and get them on their way in terms of personal empowerment and understanding how to use some basic tools so that they can journey on their own,  supported by our community instead of just a weekly call with me.  I find that most folks just need to get started!  I can certainly continue to guide you, but most folks like a supportive guiding hand and that’s really where I like to thrive! So I usually start folks off with a free consultation so we can get to know each other, what health issues you are dealing with and I can walk you through what I can offer you, and perhaps we set up a session or two of intense work together, or maybe you want a full up six-month coaching program—either way is fine with me, however I can support you, I’m thrilled to help folks launch their journey!

I do so love my oils, but there’s so much MORE to living a holistic lifestyle than “just” the oils.  The oils are fabulous tools and we must know how to use them effectively to get the results we want and need, but I find adding additional modalities in conjunction with them helps us achieve synergistic results!

I now lead “holistic lifestyle” workshops that touch on a wide variety of modalities with the obvious topics like nutrition, self-care, how to manage stress, and balancing our busy lives—and of COURSE we will be using our wonderful oils, but also “blending in” sooooo many additional tools and modalities to keep things lively and fresh.   It usually takes more than “a bottle of lavender” to resolve a health issue.


My focus is on building COMMUNITY and supporting each other in finding balance and health in our own lives, but also how to collaborate and network with like minded folks (and folks that have NEW ideas and modalities!) to take our understandings on a healthy lifestyle to greater depths and literally change the world and the paradigms surrounding us-one person at a time!  So folks on my oils team have access to an AMAZING community of healers and business owners that can support them from multiple aspects of their lives.  I am extremely creative in how I partner with folks, so if you have a product or service you would like to bounce off me, I bet we can find a way to partner! What I do best!

As I continue to build my oils business & community, I’m now thoroughly enjoying my real passion of connecting with others to serve and boost each other.  I believe that when we all partner and support each other in even the smallest ways, we will ALL succeed!  What does that look like?

From an oils perspective, I haven’t met a single person that hasn’t fallen in love with some aspect of using essential oils.  Whether they are using them for stress management, to boost their immune system, or simply make their home smell better, I know there’s a place for everyone in our oils community.  I launched my business with essential oils after a gal came and taught a class to my group coaching crew. Everybody at the class wanted oils so I figured I better get some, too!  I honestly started making more money teaching essential oils and building my team that I was a coaching, so… My paradigm shifted once the oils company paid my “salary” freeing me up to simply have fun and “coach” my team members and class attendees along the way.  I love the flexibility of having my own business and working from home and I love to travel a lot so I am in heaven.


The reality is most folks have a “day job” or are maybe even already a holistic healer of some sort.  I love showing practitioners how they can position the oils alongside their primary modality to create another stream of income (and get their personal oils for free!) Then it’s a matter of creating a community where we all support each other in our primary modalities boosting each aspect of ourselves to create the lives and freedom we all desire.