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With many thanks to our fabulous Hostess, Michelle…

Join us at our weekly fun, but focused interactive essential oils training group! Each week we will delve into new topics and training material to support you in your oils journey!

This week we are focusing on the SHARE Hosting Overview brochure (download the Guide by clicking the “Tickets” link below. )

Using and integrating dōTERRA® products into your life can help you share your own experience with others and be better equipped to help them find their own natural solutions.

dōTERRA is a relationship business.

Take the time to create and nurture relationships as you begin to share. When the time is right, ask about health priorities and share samples. Seek to serve, then others will naturally want what you have to offer.

Learn the simple steps to effectively invite your friends and family to a product or business presentation to help them learn more about dōTERRA.

Team members and beyond are invited to join us in understanding and practicing these critical skills in effectively sharing and building a business with doTERRA. Join us!


February 21, 2018
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Tonya Fitzpatrick, Heart Centered Wellness
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