What Essential Oil Classes does Sandy teach?

My current focus in leading classes is demonstrating and certifying essential oils users in a technique called “AromaTouch.”  This is the clinical, therapeutic application of eight essential oils/blends along the spine, region of the back, ears, head and bottoms of the feet, combining the chemistry and aroma of the oils with the power of human touch in this 40-minute application process.  The combination of these oils creates a synergistic response allowing the body to ground and relax, while we boost the immune system, support a healthy inflammatory response, and create a higher level of homeostasis.  I conduct demonstrations and certification training classes helping folks learn how to properly administer this amazing technique to family/friends or clients if they are licensed body workers and eligible for compensation in their state of practice.  This is a fabulous way of sharing essential oils and anyone can attend this class, whether they “have an account” with doTERRA or not.  The class is 6-hours long and costs $149 for the training, and you will receive the eight 5ml bottles of doTERRA oils needed to perform the technique on others.  Learn more about the AromaTouch technique here: www.aromatouch.com

I am currently leading classes across the country from Florida to Washington and lots of places in between-stay tuned for the posting of upcoming classes in your area, or drop me a line and we can set one up on a date/time that works for you! Class size ranges from a minimum of 5 to 18 and we’ll need a massage table for every three people in class.

While I love Aromatouch and am passionate about teaching folks how to perform this technique, there’s lots more to essential oils, here’s a smattering of the types of classes I and the leaders on my team offer:

Essential Oils: Lots of folks are seeing & experiencing essential oils in a variety of different places and settings.  My goal as a holistic health coach is to ensure you understand how the oils work on a physical AND emotional level and how to use them effectively in your personal life, home environment and other areas as desired, such as reducing your toxic load and incorporating into your self-care routine.  I teach the following array of classes and rotate topics throughout the month(s).  Interested in a class but can’t make it? Let’s book a private class for you and your friends or we can meet over coffee!

In oils world we see there’s three different categories of people: users, sharers and builders.

Users are awesome and probably 80% of our customer base-our job is to educate you on the basics of the oils in sure you’re using them safely and effectively (so you know what to the heck to do with what you just bought!) These folks are using the oils for themselves and their families so we want to make sure you know how to use them, what accessories you might need, and how to get more at the best price possible.

I have a Facebook group set up for my users, everyone is welcome to join-if you’re looking for basic information about the oils feel free to jump on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EssentialHealthWithSandy/

Sharers are folks that have their oils, , love them, and honestly can’t help but share them with everybody they know! These folks are constantly pulling out their oils at soccer games, family gatherings and are the “neighbors in the know!” These folks may host a class or two in their home with their family and friends and we coach them on how to get the best price possible for their oils (since they are usually giving them all away…)

Builders are folks like me that are actively creating the structure and volume in their organization to create residual income. It’s a business-there’s training and management involved, but it’s a lot of fun and a great way to create a secondary income, retirement income, or if you’re really fired up create a full a career! If this is you, let me know and I’ll show you the ropes on how to get started we have everything you need in terms of training, resources and support and we love to have you join our team!

Wherever you are in that spectrum is super mega awesome it all starts by having what we call an “oils experience.”


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