We braved the Devil’s Den!

Omg the bugs are freaking horrible here! Thank goodness I have my Terrashield!!

Why you want today’s doTERRA BOGO of buy Serenity get Lavender free. Coming to you from a thunderstorm in Gainesville, FL!

Let’s talk about how to gain a deeper awareness around the concept of Forgiveness with Intuitive Coach Becky Gibson Cortese.

Let’s explore the doTERRA Live Guide together! Because I’m betting you didn’t know about a lot of this other goodness besides oils, did you?

Why Sandy was off the grid in May. Not sure how this will go down, but here we go!

Join me as we explore a quiet home in Laguna Niguel that may just be perfect for your next workshop or day event!

Its’ freaking hot-making some peppermint cooling spray to bring with me while out and about in this 100 degree So Cal heat wave!

What’s your daily rituals routine? Join me as I walk you through a few of my daily habits.

What’s going on in doTERRA world this month? Well, let me share with you! Pretty exciting!! Will cover the regular doTERRA promos and our upcoming events and TEAM promos-this month let’s focus on Power of 3-learn more by tuning in below!

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