Few quick notes from the doTERRA Leadership Call-notes provided in comments! Have a Great Weekend!! Leaders here’s some info from corporate and a quick update for you-please review the notes so you have a heads up on some of these issues and share with your teams, thanks!! Meredith K. Andersen Becky Gibson Cortese Nicky Wagg…

What’s up for our team in doTERRA world for October? Join me and Hillary as we will walk you through the last month’s recognition, this month’s promos, events and more! LIVE from the Portal to Ascension conference! (Come down and join us! We will be here all weekend!)

Lunch Bunch at Toby Gant’s home in Long Beach! We are going to stay live as we have a cozy group today!

Join us to learn about September in doTERRA world and our community! We’ll go over this month’s promos, our activities and events and much, much more! All welcome! 🙂

Meet Toby Gant, Soul Coach as we delve in to the world of healing from his eyes. Always a fun day when I am chilling with my fellow holistic health coaching peeps.

Who’s coming to Vendor Blender on the 16th? Let’s talk about the who/what/why/where/when/how of what this event is and why you should plan to join us!!

Let’s explore the nutritional concepts inside the Medical Medium book by Anthony Williams-so fascinating! Joining me today for the discussion is Nicky Wagg-someone that has used this information with great success. We’ll talk about what the paradigm is, how he came upon this information and how to get started. Nicky is extremely passionate about this…

Summer Splash pool party and cook off using essential oils and beyond with Renee Carleson and the Queen Bees! Super yum!

Let’s talk about August in doTERRA World! Lots of amazing specials and promos, so team members and leaders jump on if you can, we’ll go through some basics on our monthly “cyber” team meeting! All are welcome!

How to survive your High School Reunion with essential oils. Tips from Sandy after her 30-year reunion in Largo, FL!

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