Oh, my goodness! I thought I “knew” all about essential oils until the day I received an Aromatouch! My world changed instantly when my entire body released massive amounts of tension, stress and I was flooded with repressed memories and emotions.  I knew at that moment that I need to not only learn how to give this technique to others, but I wanted to teach it and share it with as many people as I could!  So thrilled that this is what I get to do now!

If you are new to the world of essential oils or simply have not yet experienced this yet, please schedule a complimentary session with me – this is what I do and how I love sharing my healing gifts and the power of essential oils with others.  This is seriously how and why I got in to the world of essential oils! I love this technique!!

If you are stressed out…your experience any sort of discomfort in your body…your immune system needs a boost or you just want to relax and get a good night’s sleep, then I highly recommend an Aromatouch!

Once you have experienced this for yourself, you will likely want to learn how to share this with others as well! Good news! I certify essential oils users in this technique.  Aromatouch is the clinical, therapeutic application of eight doTERRA essential oils/blends along the spine, back, ears, head and bottoms of the feet combines the chemistry and aroma of highly potent and pure essential oils with the power of human touch in a 40-minute application process.

The combination of these oils creates a synergistic response allowing the body to ground and relax, while we boost the immune system, support a healthy inflammatory response, and create a higher level of homeostasis.  Through demonstrations and certification training classes, I teach people how to properly administer this amazing technique to family/friends and clients.

AromaTouch is a fabulous way of learning about and sharing essential oils and anyone can get certified.  The class is 7-hours long and costs $149, and you will receive the eight 5ml bottles of doTERRA oils ($100 value) needed to perform the technique on others.  Learn more about the AromaTouch technique here: www.aromatouch.com

I love partnering with other healers to bring this technique to retreat settings.  It is a wonderful complement to other holistic healing modalities.  Clients usually leave my massage table feeling extremely relaxed and grounded, enjoying a very restful night’s sleep…some experience emotional or physical release.  Outcomes vary depending on the individual’s state of health.


“If you are REALLY stressed, ask Sandy Chasteen, Holistic Health Coach for an Aromatouch session with essential oils and unwind almost immediately. If you feel disconnected from ANY part of yourself, ask Sandy for Aromatouch session. If you want to have visions and “interesting” experiences, as some people report, call and ask her for an Aromatouch appointment today. If you want to just have a relaxing divine human touch experience, just Ask Sandy!” ~ SW