My passion is connecting people with tools, modalities and healers that can help them move forward on their healing journey.  I use tools such as essential oils, basic metaphysical and energy healing techniques to help people get started on their journey.  I love connecting people with healers within my robust holistic healing community to augment what I know and offer.

My husband and I have both been on quite a tumultuous journey involving cancer and a variety of other healing “crisis” situations.  I’m so thrilled to be experiencing a centered, healthy station in life where everyone in our family is healthy, happy and sharply-focused on living their best lives ever! I love to share tidbits and resources from our journey with others – is who I am and what I offer.

Essential oils entered my realm of holistic offerings when I experienced the doTERRA Aromatouch Technique.  I thought I “knew all about essential oils” because I was putting a few drops of store bought lavender in my bath at night.  Au contraire! This is a 40-minute experience similar to massage but with a much lighter touch.  It’s the clinical, therapeutic application of extremely potent and pure essential oils along the spine, head, bottoms of the feet – after I experienced this technique and felt a rush of trapped memories and emotions flooding my body I knew this was a tool and application I wanted to share with others.  So I quickly built a team and organization leading towards my rank required to become an instructor in this technique so that I could train others to share this beautiful way to experience essential oils.  So this is my true focus in using and sharing essential oils-experiencing the healing power of the Aromatouch.

I love leading my large network marketing team, educating my team members on the basic essential oil usage, how to maximize their purchasing power using the tools on our website, then delving deeper in to the emotional and spiritual aspects of the essential oils.  Most people are only aware of the physical applications involved with using essential oils-once we open the window towards how emotional healing occurs blending the use of metaphysics, the broad understanding allows for a much deeper experience with the essential oils.  I have found that once people truly understand the power and implications of essential oils on all aspects of their lives-body, mind and spirit-they easily incorporate them in to their lives on a regular basis.

I am a huge fan of community and collaboration! You can find me all over Orange County, Ca (and beyond!) leading workshops, retreats, networking and collaborative events and simply having FUN in my community.  Please join me in any and all of the different types of events that I offer! If it’s on the calendar or you see me post something on my FB page, it’s open to anyone wanting to Connect, Collaborate, Live Healthy and Have Fun!  If you have a health issue you would like support in understanding and overcoming and want to get plugged in to a holistic community with unlimited potential – you are in the right place.  Let’s connect and I’ll do my best to support you in your journey with what I know and teach and beyohnd – what I love to do most!