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My passion is helping people discover the relationship between physical and emotional issues and shedding what no longer serve them to help them move toward optimal health. Dis-ease states can be transformed and released by understanding the basic elements of causality and eliminating the patterns that created them. Could be anything from thought patterns, foods, too much extra stuff around the house, or simply an energetic pattern that is causing the problem. I employ a combination of lifestyle transformation tools including essential oils, some very basic energy healing techniques and education tailored to meet my clients’ unique needs.  I partner with a wide variety of holistic healers to help folks find synergistic pathways towards well-being.

I love building community and supporting each other in living life to the fullest through my events – find me all around Orange County leading Lunch Bunch casual networking meetups, facilitating Vendor Blenders where we host holistic health fairs with a “twist” of trading products and gift certificates to learn about and experience each other’s modalities, and collaborating with other healers to provide self-care workshops with rotating topics and experiences where I schedule time for myself and practice what I teach in leading small groups in learning how to take care of ourselves body, mind and spirit.

I’m enjoying life in sunny So Cal but love spending every moment possible exploring the exciting world we live in and celebrating life.  I travel a LOT with my family – my husband is a corporate guy/yoga junkie and my two kids keep me on my toes…my daughter is an aspiring writer currently attending the University of Iowa (Go, Hawkeyes!)  and I home school my 8th grade son via on-line academy.  My thriving doTERRA team members keep me busy and traveling as well, so catch me when you can in So Cal or anywhere from Florida to Washington-my current focus is sharing the AromaTouch technique at training and retreat settings with my team members anywhere and everywhere around the globe.  Scroll through the calendar to see what is happening in Orange County and around the globe.

I look forward to supporting YOU in your journey! Namaste